3. Automate your business with jBPM

Open-source culture is one of the most effective ways of creating secure, reliable, resilient and highly tested software to attend to customer needs. That’s why choosing an open-source business automation technology a great decision for both business and tech. jBPM project allows the whole team to work with a tool in which they can freely use, study, modify and distribute.

Starting from modeling phase of processes or cases, implementation of business rules, and business optimization, until the delivery of highly available independent execution environments and customized business dashboards, jBPM provides all the necessary capabilities to deliver cloud-native process-driven applications.

In this section, we will learn more about the following topics:

We will talk about jBPM origins and main components, Business Central and Kie Server. Along with this, we will work with hands-on guides on common tasks which are required when working with a business automation project. 

This section is part of the jBPM Getting Started series

3 thoughts on “3. Automate your business with jBPM

  1. Your articles are very well written. Keep writing. You’re referring some book, which is that?


    1. Thx for the feedback! Actually, that was a typo thx for the heads up, I already fixed it. I was referring to this jBPM Getting Stated series 🙂


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