About me

Karina Varela works with technologies for cloud-native apps development for over ten years. She’s been focused on business automation technologies, and she currently works at Red Hat as part of the Application Services business unit. She brings solid knowledge built by working with the development, architecture, delivery, and troubleshooting of enterprise software and platforms around the world.

Books and articles

Besides the several posts in this personal blog, you can also find more content published on DZone and on Red Hat Developers. Check also the books she happily co-organized, wrote, translated and reviewed:

Melhores Práticas de Arquitetura de Software na era da Nuvem (Versão em Português)Best Practices in Software Architecture in the Cloud era (English Version)

Communities involvement

Since she’s fond of the open-source culture, Karina works closely with communities. She:

  • Coordinates one of the biggest Java communities in the globe, SouJava;
  • Guides and strengthen the KIE Community, which holds the most successful open-source and Java solutions for business automation: Drools, Optaplanner, jBPM and Kogito.
  • in her free time, she contributes to the open-source community by writing and speaking tech events.

You can check some of the work happening in these communities in the following channels:

Let’s connect!

You can find me on social networks:

Also, in the capital of Brazil, Brasília, where I am based: