jBPM Getting Started Series

All you need to know to deliver effective business automation applications

Welcome to a blog post series about the getting started experience with jBPM ( a.k.a. RHPAM ). Here you can find from basic topics to more intermediate concepts like how to create your own task, how to interact with the engine and consume your business assets, advanced modeling of business processes, and more.

As the posts comes out, it will be listed in this page so you can easily track and access it.

This serie will be divided into these major sections (and more to come):

In the future it might be extended with a section about architecture best practices.

One thought on “jBPM Getting Started Series

  1. I’m curious to know if you’re planning any posts on clustering, or using load balancers? I’ve been relying on RedHat’s PAM docs as jBPM’s docs are massively out of date (Zookeeper & Helix functionality was removed 3 years ago) but even those docs are less than helpful


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