5. Techniques to boost a BA Project

Previous posts of the jBPM Getting Started Series should provide a good base for the understanding of this chapter. Also, basic knowledge about application transactions should provide a better understanding of the chapter.

The engine can be tuned for business automation projects to achieve better performance results are achieved. Mainly when involving business rules validation, there are important decisions that need to be taken about the process execution runtime.

And this is not about how to tune your JVM or operational system. This is about using the engine in the best possible way for each project you deliver.

To create high-performance business automation projects, there are some topics in which the business automation specialist needs to worry:

  • Is your project lightweight and easily scalable?
  • What is the best way, in each scenario, for the engine to deal with objects in-memory?
  • Are you properly storing the domain data – do you need to store data in a different data store?
  • What will happen in cases of failure – make sure no service is called twice unexpectedly!
  • How can you extend the engine API to better attend to your domain needs?
  • Do you need special auditing or some type of listener?

Let’s understand a little bit more about how you can improve and adapt your project and the engine in the blog posts of this section:

This section is part of the jBPM Getting Started series

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