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[jBPM7 QuickTips] Adding users

See how to add new users to jBPM running on top of WildFly. We are not using yet external auth mechanisms, like Keycloak, for example.

WildFly | EAP

Add new user via Non-Interactive CLI

Using the non-interactive WildFly CLI option is the quickest way to add a new user. The does the work to encrypt the password and add the information into the appropriate files. Check the example below which adds a user named “username” with password “Password@123” and roles “admin“, “kie-server” and “rest-all“.

2019-04-14 18:52:52 MacBook-Pro-de-Karina in ~/opt/jbpm
$ ./bin/ -up -gp -sc standalone/configuration -u username -p Password@123 -g admin,kie-server,rest-all
Updated user 'username' to file '.../opt/jbpm/standalone/configuration/'
Updated user 'username' with groups admin,kie-server,rest-all to file '.../opt/jbpm/standalone/configuration/'

Add new user via Business Central

If you want to use Business Central to manage user authentication and authorization settings, follow these steps:

  1. Access http://localhost:8080/business-central using username and password: wbadmin.
  2. Click on the Settings Icon in the upright corner. Then, click on Users option;
  3. Click on the option New User +, and input the desired userName.

4. Initial suggestion is to add the user to groups kie-server and rest-all. Also assign admin role.

Save and set the password if you want to. You should now be able to use this new user to access Business Central and Kie Server. 

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