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[jBPM7 QuickTips] Service Tasks

WIH Configuration Tips Service Task Configuration Tips: Service tasks need additional configuration, set in the Deployment Configuration, Work Item Handlers Section of the project. These configurations can either be set manually or added via the Service Tasks menu. Manual configuration of Work Item Handlers of Service Tasks (used for advanced configuration): Default Service Tasks default installation… Continue reading [jBPM7 QuickTips] Service Tasks

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[jBPM7 QuickTips] Timers

The timer is an event activity, which asynchronously triggers subsequent activities based on a predetermined agenda.  It can be used as: a start event (i.e. start this process instance after 30 days from now), as an intermediate catching event (wait 5 minutes before starting the next task) ,as a boundary catching event for tasks or subprocesses (if a user… Continue reading [jBPM7 QuickTips] Timers

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Run and access PostgreSQL DB in 30 seconds [4steps]

Quick and simple, as should every technology be. Here's a quick step-by-step to bootstrap and access a local PSQL Database without needing to install it: Pre-req: Docker #TLDR; Ready... Set... Go: mkdir -p $HOME/docker/opt/db/psql docker run --rm --name psql-jbpm -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=psql@123 -d -p 6543:5432 -v $HOME/docker/opt/db/psql:/var/lib/postgresql/data postgres:9.4 That's it, now you have a local psql… Continue reading Run and access PostgreSQL DB in 30 seconds [4steps]