Recall basic modeling concepts

In a business automation project, business process assets are described with BPMN diagram or CMMN diagrams. It's recommended to base the creation of diagrams on specifications definition, therefore, the implementation will be executable in any software which attends to the specification. Process modeling knowledge is not restricted to specific products. Just like a Java class… Continue reading Recall basic modeling concepts


Know jBPM: your open-source business automation tool

Introduction: all flavors of open-source business automation With the reading of the previous posts, the fundamental concepts should be cleared and you can now take the next step: choose an automation tool and start the architecture design and implementation of a business application. Next are listed battle-tested solutions provided by KIE group and strengthened by… Continue reading Know jBPM: your open-source business automation tool

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[jBPM7 QuickTips] Timers

The timer is an event activity, which asynchronously triggers subsequent activities based on a predetermined agenda.  It can be used as: a start event (i.e. start this process instance after 30 days from now), as an intermediate catching event (wait 5 minutes before starting the next task) ,as a boundary catching event for tasks or subprocesses (if a user… Continue reading [jBPM7 QuickTips] Timers