Recall basic modeling concepts

In a business automation project, business process assets are described with BPMN diagram or CMMN diagrams. It's recommended to base the creation of diagrams on specifications definition, therefore, the implementation will be executable in any software which attends to the specification. Process modeling knowledge is not restricted to specific products. Just like a Java class… Continue reading Recall basic modeling concepts

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Know Business Central: Authoring, business monitoring, and more

Business Central is a Java Web-based application that supports the creation, management, and monitoring of business applications. It is not a required component, although, the usage of this tool can accelerate the development phase with proper rules and process authoring tools, form modeler components, advanced dashboard page creator with out-of-the-box components, and more. Once your… Continue reading Know Business Central: Authoring, business monitoring, and more


[jBPM7 QuickTips] Service Tasks

WIH Configuration Tips Service Task Configuration Tips: Service tasks need additional configuration, set in the Deployment Configuration, Work Item Handlers Section of the project. These configurations can either be set manually or added via the Service Tasks menu. Manual configuration of Work Item Handlers of Service Tasks (used for advanced configuration): Default Service Tasks default installation… Continue reading [jBPM7 QuickTips] Service Tasks


Persisting custom process variables in different DB on jBPM

Intro So you want to store the data used in your process separately from jBPM database schema. To achieve this, you need to use Pluggable Variable Persistence. This is an objective post on the requirements to implement PVP on your project. TLDR; Sample project repo with a working example: pvp-sample The persistable classes needs to… Continue reading Persisting custom process variables in different DB on jBPM