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[jBPM7 QuickTips] Timers

The timer is an event activity, which asynchronously triggers subsequent activities based on a predetermined agenda.  It can be used as: a start event (i.e. start this process instance after 30 days from now), as an intermediate catching event (wait 5 minutes before starting the next task) ,as a boundary catching event for tasks or subprocesses (if a user… Continue reading [jBPM7 QuickTips] Timers

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ISO-8601 Time Standard

ISO-8601 standard was created with the objective of elaborating a crystal clear language to talk about dates and periods and avoid misinterpretation. Here are some tips on possible pattern usage: Dates can be defined in format YYYY-MM-DD, with a specific Day, Month and Year. Ex: 2019-04-12, means 12th April from 2019.It is also possible to use for example, YYYY-MM, necessarily with "-" in between… Continue reading ISO-8601 Time Standard

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Run and access PostgreSQL DB in 30 seconds [4steps]

Quick and simple, as should every technology be. Here's a quick step-by-step to bootstrap and access a local PSQL Database without needing to install it: Pre-req: Docker #TLDR; Ready... Set... Go: mkdir -p $HOME/docker/opt/db/psql docker run --rm --name psql-jbpm -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=psql@123 -d -p 6543:5432 -v $HOME/docker/opt/db/psql:/var/lib/postgresql/data postgres:9.4 That's it, now you have a local psql… Continue reading Run and access PostgreSQL DB in 30 seconds [4steps]