Digital transformation through a process-driven approach

We need to look at the corporation functioning atomically, as a whole, and the improvement journey needs to consider business and technology evolution. To work in a process-driven way is to achieve goals by using processes. By using processes, the organization teams can replicate the defined steps and frequently accomplish the expected results. The results… Continue reading Digital transformation through a process-driven approach


Information for critical decision making – KPI

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measures the success of an activity. It can be used mainly on two bias: strategic or operational. Based on the KPIs, executives can visualize performance changes of the company, identify bottlenecks and correct decisions impacts, and keep on improving the organization processes and functioning. Identifying the right metrics and the reflection… Continue reading Information for critical decision making – KPI


Identifying Maturity Level

To take action towards implementing business automation, it is necessary to understand the current level of maturity according to a model. Business automation is entirely based on Business Process Management implementation. Therefore, the Business Process Management Maturity (BPMM) helps to define the Business Automation Maturity. When seeking quality improvement, cost reduction, and delivery-time reduction, organizations tend to use standards… Continue reading Identifying Maturity Level