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Get rid of the alert “App can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” like a pro

If you are a OSx tech user and play with different tools (or like me, different JVM versions and vendors), you may frequently have to manually go security settings an “Open Anyway” the apps downloaded from unidentified developers. That’s OSX Gatekeeper trying to take care of you.

❗️Important:Before changing settings like this one, know what you’re doing, do your research and understand any safety risks involved. Feel free to check more about Gatekeeper.

Here’s the time saving tip on how you can enable a hidden option on the Security & Privacy menu:

Close the Security & Privacy (cmd+q), go to your terminal and run:

$ sudo spctl --master-disable

Open the Security & Privacy menu again and you should see the option there. Worked on Big Sur.

It’s recommend that, after you finish playing around with your JVMs or the tools you trust, you change the configuration back to App Store and identified developers 🙂

Have fun 🔥